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TaeKwonDo Academy Information

Make sure all your athletes must have a proper uniform and their own sparring equipment.

Up to 10 competitors: 1 free Coach pass
20 competitors: 2 free Coach passes.
30 competitors: 3 free Coach passes.
Additional coaches pass $30 each. $50 on site
Date: 16th of September, 2023. Location: 2801 N 3rd Street #2, Harrisburg, PA 17110.
Register Online @:
Call or Tex: 717-425-1441 / 24070-55880. Email:

Liability Waiver: I hereby submit my application to the 1st Himalayan Open Taekwondo Championship. I understand that Taekwondo is a physical Contact Sport which involves the risk of injury. I agree that I will be responsible for all cases of accidents such as any damage, loss and injury etc. Which occur during physical exercise and competition or demonstration till the finish of the tournament. I agree that the organization committee for the 1st Himalayan Open Taekwondo Championship including organizers, staff and volunteers as well as venue staff, referees, Masters, instructors, coaches, fellow competitors, staff except competitor herself/himself will be indemnified from all accident as above and release and forever discharge from any claim for damages. I also agree that the medical treatment provided by the organization committee, if necessary, will be first aid type only. I further agree that all video recordings, pictures and photography taken of or by me in connection with the championship may be used by the tournament director for publicity or promotion without compensation at this time or any other time.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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