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Himalayan Taekwondo 
200 N 34th ST Harrisburg PA 17109
Phone: 717-425-1441

Admission Form
Parent or Legal Guardian must sign here for Minor


1. I understand that martial arts is a physical contact activity and that my participation might result in serious injuries including permanent disability or death, and may result in severe social and economic loss to the family.

2. I hereby certify that my child is in normal health capable of safe participation in this program. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of this program, and for the transportation to and from the program

3. I support the Himalayan Taekwondo’s Philosophy, which is based on participation, fun, physical fitness, health, skills, development of teamwork, fair play, family involvement, character, and leadership skills development.

4. I hereby grant permission for pictures and / or videos to be taken of me and my child during this program for promotional and motivational use.

Admission fee for this course is $30


                                                        Our policies

1.Our classes and schedules are subject to change up on formal notices, and they are flexible.

2. All payments are final and no refund will be made.

3. A fee of $20 will be charged for the declined transactions.

4. If payment is not received within two weeks of the due date, your account may be turned over to a collection’s agency.

5. Himalayan Taekwondo requires at least one month of notice if a member decides to quit the enrollment other than some genuine reason.

6. Any student who skips class for more than one month, without any genuine reason and decides to come back, that student should need to re-fill the admission form.

Upload Students Insurance ID

Thanks for registering!

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